Coffee and Tea The Popular Beverages

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Besides water, the most enjoyable and popular beverages around the world are coffee and tea. Both beverages are wonderful for enjoying either with friends or by yourself. I enjoy them with my hubby. Now even my kids are rush to drink them. However, I only allow them to drink tea sometimes. Not yet the coffee.

The coffee beans grow on flowering trees. People, then, roasted and ground the beans to enjoy the drink – coffee by boiling, dripping, steaming, or soaking. Tea is made from the leaf of Camellia Sinensis bush. Tea makers dry and crush the leaves to bring out their oils. Then expose the leaves to the air, which is called fermentation, depends on the kind of teas. The longer the fermentation, the chemical reaction, affects the flavor of the leaves. Both Coffee and tea are served hot or cold, which depends on personal preferences.

Free radicals are the chemicals that can damage your cells and lead to disease and illness. Our body makes the chemicals when turns certain foods into energy, as well as the sunlight hits our skin. The antioxidants from the chemicals of tea and coffee help your body to fight these free radicals.

Drinking coffee and tea as daily basics benefits our health conditions in different ways. First, coffee and Tea are linked to a lower chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes by affecting how body uses blood sugar (glucose) for fuel. Antioxidants from coffee help to keep blood sugar lower and more stable. Antioxidants from tea help your body to process sugar in your blood.

Parkinson’s disease is a disease attacks the nerve cells in your brain and makes it hard for you to move. Some studies suggest caffeine can ease its early symptoms. Other studies show that coffee and tea might help to protect your brain from it.

More doctors nowadays suggest the caffeine in coffee and tea may protect you from heart disease. A study shows people who drank 3 ~ 5 cups of coffee a day were less likely to have a buildup of calcium in the vessels that carried to your heart muscle.

Drinking 3 cups of coffee or more a day may lower your risk of having chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Coffee has more than 100 different chemical compounds, and scientists are still working on what and how they might help our liver.

Stroke happens when blood is cut off from a certain area of your brain. Coffee and tea a day might lower your risk in stroke. Because coffee can ease inflammation and help to control blood sugar levels. Black tea is likely to lower blood pressure and make you less chance to have a stroke.

Furthermore, coffee and tea might help to prevent breast and prostate cancers. Tea may protect you against cancer that affect the ovaries and stomach. Antioxidants in tea especially polyphenols are the effect.

Alzheimer’s Disease attacks your brain’s nerve cells (neurons) causing memory loss and changes in thought patterns and behavior. Antioxidants from coffee may help protect neurons. Green tea has some as well that may help to prevent the clusters of proteins.

Gallstones are tiny pieces of hardened cholesterol and other substances that form in your gallbladder, which helps with digestion. They can sometimes cause serious pain and health problems. Coffee helps to move fluid through your gallbladder and makes the cholesterol less likely to crystallize into gallstones.

Coffee and tea are the low-calorie beverages that helps you to lose weight if you don’t add sugar and cream. And remember, coffee and tea contain caffeine which can make you anxious or irritable and difficult to fall asleep. Caffeine can make you less able to hold onto calcium. Don’t overdo it.

Citation: WebMD

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